My son the lawn care and tree expert


I come from a long line of rose gardeners. Starting with my mama and going back at least six generations. In fact, I have been awarded the best-looking yard and the best rose bushes in the state for the past fifteen years. Yes, I am good at what I do. You know what my secret is. Proper pruning. That is. That is what causes my bushes to outshine the rest. Of course, I water and feed them a proper diet use to bring out the brilliance of its petals, the quality of its bloom. However, if you prune just right your rose’s bushes will look full, beautiful, and healthy. With pruning you can train, you bush into any type of shape and structure. My pruning technique are so great and universal. They method I use to prune can be used on any type of plant, tree, or shrub.


I have taught each of my children my techniques. My only son, Gilbert that looks like younger Harrison Ford, has taken what I taught him and transferred it into a successful lawn and tree care business. Maybe you have heard of him. Armors Lawn and Tree Experts. Where I shine as a rose gardener, he has out done my accomplishments and me. The things he does with his customers’ trees and shrubs makes my roses pale in comparison.

I have seen Gilbert take a half-dead Japanese maple and bring it back to life. He has a way with pruning shears that always him to create any type of structures and design. The boy made a privacy wall out of some type of trees. It was amazing. To think of doing something like that with trees no less.

However, Gilbert has exceeded my teachings. He has learn how to tree climb. He climbs up these large trees and prunes and trims the mess out of it. Aiding the tree in creating a fuller foliage. As well as, a more uniform, look with other trees in the yard. You always can tell the trees that are care for by Gilbert and his employees. It like they look a little greener and more robust.

My son does not just work on a trees appearance he is also able to save a split tree by installing a cabling and bracing systems. Providing support for a tree that has, what appears to be, two trunk growing out of it from splitting. He can also protect any tree that lightening seems to be attracted to, from being damaged. By installing a lighting striking systems, when a bolt of lightning it is the tree it is equipped with a copper conductive wire that absorbs the strike and sends it away from the tree. Not just the tree, the copper wire with send it away from any type of structure or pets and animals that may be pen up in the yard. He can even cure any type of tree from different diseases and infections. The boy is great at what he does.

As a mother, I cannot help but feel overjoyed about his accomplishments with his lawn and tree care business. My son goes to work every day loving what he does paying no accidents ever happen. He is great and feels great doing what he does. As a mother, you cannot ask for anything more for your baby.