Linda’s new blog… & Back to School…


I can’t believe on the first day back to school we have an assignment. I mean it’s the FIRST day. But my older brother told me that Mr. Rahim was hard. And love to give out homework and assignment. Even with that warning I never thought he would start in on us on the very first day. Ugh! I guess this is what they kept trying to warn us about in middle school. Here I am writing while all my friends and everyone else is at Mike’s Pizza catching up and enjoying his delicious milkshakes and ooey gooey cheesy pizza. Story of my life…

First day back to U of M… and I’m pretty pumped!

What’s the topic, oh yeah what did we do over the summer. What lesson did we learn from it? Even the topic is boring. What did I do over summer break? Not much. I spent my summer working. Yup, working. My parents are big believers in teaching us how to earn our own money. So every summer my brothers and I are expected work and save our money. It sounds worse than what it is. Over the years I have been a baby sitter, car washer, I’ve sold paper airplanes door to door, cupcakes, lemonade stand. I’ve been a dog walker, sidewalk chalker (basically I went to the neighbors and ask if they would like me to decorate their sidewalks and driveways. I was six at the time so don’t judge me.)

My brothers have always work the same job every year. My younger one has a paper route and my older brother works at a movie rental place in town. But every year I like to try something different. I can’t help it I always get bored like super easy. One day I was riding my bike to the library to return some books and I passed by a sign. It read: Zaid’s Tree Trimming and Landscaping, LLC needs a person to haul limbs after tree cutting and operate something called a chipper.

I love being outside. I’m kind of strong. I mean how heavy can limbs be anyway? I took a picture of the flyer with my cell phone. I return my books, checked out a few more and return home. I was laying down in the back yard in our hammock enjoying the riveting novel when my dad asked if I figured out my job for the summer. I told him I was waiting on a few calls. The quickly gave Zaid Tree Trimming a call.

After a few rings Zaid himself answered. He said that he still needed someone. Ask my age and when can I come in for a trial run. In my excitement I told him I can state ASAP. He said to wear jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a hard hat and to bring some work gloves. I met him at his office at 5 in the morning the very next day.

The next morning I got up, got dressed and rode my bike to Zaid’s office. He looked me up and down and said, “It’s going to be hard work, do you think you can handle it, young lady?” Confidently I responded, “Yes, sir!” After I learned and mastered the wood chippers one of the guys taught me how to prune and cut back trees and shrubs giving them a uniform look and promoted full, lush, and healthy plants.

Man, that was the hardest and the most physically demanding job of my life. But I loved every second I was out there. Next summer, when I return Zaid said he’ll teach me the double rope technique.

Hopefully I still have time to blog