The woes of over pruning


With Fall coming on, I am getting out my gardening equipment and going out to prune some of my trees. No more conversation with my shoes.

Here is what I learned in Arborist classes I took years ago.

Although pruning and trimming, your trees can promote growth and an increase in foliage density. Over pruning can cause major and sometimes irreversible damage. However, we all feel that we are doing a great service to our trees and the overlook of our property. Not knowing that we maybe stunting and killing the trees. If someone told you to cut off the top third during a transplant and you will not suffer any root loss, that person, he or she, lied to you. One of the many “tips” people give that causes great harm to the tree. According to The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), only twenty to thirty percent of a trees foliage removed in any given year. By going beyond this standard set by TCIA, you will have a weak, unhealthy, and unappealing tree.

As was previously mention over pruning by making deep and large cuts into a tree can lead to the death of a tree. Think of it like this if you take a knife and dug or cut it into your leg or arm, you will need time to heal from that wound. Depending on the severity of cut, you will antibiotics and stitches. The same can be said for any tree. Deep cuts, poorly made cuts, or an abundant of cuts leaves open wounds. These wounds must be heal. In addition, that takes time and effort. If it has left untreated and neglected it will ultimately lead to the decay of that tree.

Another possibility from over pruning is a reduction for food the tree produces for itself. It is the leaves that conducts photosynthesis and therefore produces the all the mineral and nutrients that tree needs to survive. Even if you drown the tree in fertilizer without those leaves, the process of photosynthesis cannot take place. When too much of a tree foliage, repeatedly year after year, it will starve to death.

When a tree is properly prune, its tips will regrow with ease and abundance. Creating a beautiful and dense foliage. When it is over prune, the tree will go into overdrive in trying to regrow inner branches and limbs. Not just the top portion of the tree. Allowing too much sun to make its way through causing an imbalance in the canopy to foliage ratio. Causing the bark to burn which to even more problems.

Trimming and pruning a tree can have excellent results; it can be a great benefit for the tree and the overall landscape. If a tree is properly prune it will increase its foliage, which will result in a heartier and healthier tree. Encouraging growth and stability in resisting disease and hardships. It makes you appreciate those tree service companies that make it look so easy, that anyone can do it. However, the amount of damage that can be cause by over pruning is astonishing. By being, a too overzealous with a pair of shears may be the end of a tree’s life. Something that may have been intended as a good thing can end up worst then if the tree was left alone. Whenever you decide to prune your trees or shrubs consult the help of a professional