About Me


I am the blogging girl from next door, Conversation with my shoes, has been always about the latest fashionista trend shoes blog where we exchanged different ideas about shoes, what’s the trend, and which new shoes I’m investing in now. As time went on the site became more about my personal life and going through different spiritual and personal growth due to different life challenges that has occurred just in the last 4 years, the biggest one being one father passing away from sudden heart attack.

That incident has left me in a down ward spiral and ever since then I have been trying to regain my confidence and spark back for life. Along the journey I have grown up immensely in all facet of self. Now I have made peace with that incident and I’m beginning to blog again. Writing for me is like therapy, I get to express myself in how ever way I please without offending someone or causing anyone concern because of the anonymous blog nature.

I hope to continue blogging and finding the joy in writing again.
Thank you