How to be cool like Ricky Gervais


The Fun Part of Being a Brit
Being a brit is fun when you begin to really appreciate who and what you are. All the quirkiness that comes from being a Brit is hilarious when you begin to really think about it hehe.
Being a Brit is funny. We have fun accents and we are easy going people.
For example, I love Ricky Gervais.

Sometimes you just have to take a break from conversation with shoes, and just laugh, there’s no one better than Ricky!

He is funny brilliant man, and I wish to be like him someday. He makes lots of money doing what he loves. What a great profession he has. I love his sense of humor and the Office will forever be my all time favorite show. To me nothing compares.
And each year I feel like he gets Funnier.
Like the show he makes with Karl is fantastic. Kindness is indeed magic.
Brits are friendly and sometimes we like to get wild on some night out on town because we know how to drink. This is what this blog is all about at the end of the day we Brits are more similar to Americans than most people realize.
I know for certain that one day when I am done with my stay in the USA, I will have friends here that will come visit me in Great Britain. We already talked about what that will be like and the kind of adventures that I can show my friends. I have to say I get lit up with excitement just by thinking about it.
Right now hard work is what I am into. I don’t have time for parties or get together because I am trying to create a brighter future for myself and my family. I work extra hard all the time and I am slowly but surely establishing my power over my competition because I take massive action when others wouldn’t.
I feel like if you’re willing to take action when other won’t you are really headed to massive success in the near future. You know I can’t foresee the future but I know that If I keep taking 10x action that I will succeed. I don’t know who put this belief in me but I will keep taking a lot of action and create a great future for myself.
Now this is the next part of my journey and I will continue to display great ability to work with others and my fellow Americans.
But I digress. Being a Brit is mostly fun, I am just in a action taking kick at the moment.

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