Always choose safety


When I’m not having conversation with my shoes I watch things on TV. Recently in the news there was a story about a young tow truck driver. Just twenty-three years old, he work as a tow truck driver on one of his family fleet of cars. this man was on his way to service call and he stop to help a woman that appear to be having some sort of car troubles. While he was looking under the hood to see what was wrong with the car, the woman’s accomplice came from behind a building and drew a gun on the young tow truck driver. He ask for his money, wallet, phone. The young man only had his phone on him. Not believeing the tow truck driver didn’t have cash on him, the thieft shot the young tow truck driver. The driver later died at the hospital from complication of a gun shot wound. Im relaying this story to say that as a tow truck driver you must be careful.

When going out on a service call its best to have someone with you. He or she can aid in the actual tow, watch your back, or at the very least keep you company while out in the field. If the young driver had had someone with him would he still be here? There is a reason why there is saying, “safety in numbers”. The buddy system worked well in first grade and it will suit a driver as well.

I am convinced that working in this type of profession any type of self defense class or training is a must. A class will place you into different predictament and teach you how to get out. A self defense class can train a person in disarming a gun, escaping from the clutches of an attacker, how to stay calm and think during a time of immenient danger. During a crisis we have two basic instincts that have been with us since the beginning of civilation. Fight or flight. With traingin you can fight in order for you to be able to flight.

Protection of Self using Weapons

Another way to protect oneself is with the use of a weapon. From the non-lethal taser or stun gun. This is a gun that will emit so many volts of electricity into the receiver effectily stunning the person allowing for a quick get-away. These come in any number of volts, styles, and effectiveness. Another more potentiallyl deadly opton is an actual gun. If you choose either of these options enlist yourselft into some type of tactical training. With traingin you will learn how to properly use the weapon, different places to shoot, and scenarios that may happen. That way, God forbid, if yor ever have to draw out a weapon you can make the best deciosion in how and when to use it. Depending on the state in which you reside any sort of weapon can be carried in the vehicle and on the person. Conceal or openly. Make sure to check with your local and state laws on the different gun laws.


Its best to be safe then sorry. Whatever you can do to protect yourself while out on a call is pertinent to making sure that at the end of the day you will return back hoime to your family and friends. It seems that no matter where you are, you are susceptible to violence. Long gone are the days that only urban cities are armed and dangerous, now it seems that no town, village, community, or city is immune to violence. Had that young man had some type of training in self defense then maybe his mother wouldn’t have had to bury her son.

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