How to be cool like Ricky Gervais


The Fun Part of Being a Brit
Being a brit is fun when you begin to really appreciate who and what you are. All the quirkiness that comes from being a Brit is hilarious when you begin to really think about it hehe.
Being a Brit is funny. We have fun accents and we are easy going people.
For example, I love Ricky Gervais.

Sometimes you just have to take a break from conversation with shoes, and just laugh, there’s no one better than Ricky!

He is funny brilliant man, and I wish to be like him someday. He makes lots of money doing what he loves. What a great profession he has. I love his sense of humor and the Office will forever be my all time favorite show. To me nothing compares.
And each year I feel like he gets Funnier.
Like the show he makes with Karl is fantastic. Kindness is indeed magic.
Brits are friendly and sometimes we like to get wild on some night out on town because we know how to drink. This is what this blog is all about at the end of the day we Brits are more similar to Americans than most people realize.
I know for certain that one day when I am done with my stay in the USA, I will have friends here that will come visit me in Great Britain. We already talked about what that will be like and the kind of adventures that I can show my friends. I have to say I get lit up with excitement just by thinking about it.
Right now hard work is what I am into. I don’t have time for parties or get together because I am trying to create a brighter future for myself and my family. I work extra hard all the time and I am slowly but surely establishing my power over my competition because I take massive action when others wouldn’t.
I feel like if you’re willing to take action when other won’t you are really headed to massive success in the near future. You know I can’t foresee the future but I know that If I keep taking 10x action that I will succeed. I don’t know who put this belief in me but I will keep taking a lot of action and create a great future for myself.
Now this is the next part of my journey and I will continue to display great ability to work with others and my fellow Americans.
But I digress. Being a Brit is mostly fun, I am just in a action taking kick at the moment.

For example last week, I had a friend call me up about a tree that fell over in his backyard, because I had previous experience already, I knew exactly which company to look for in Macon, GA go here to check out the company I chose.

Always choose safety


When I’m not having conversation with my shoes I watch things on TV. Recently in the news there was a story about a young tow truck driver. Just twenty-three years old, he work as a tow truck driver on one of his family fleet of cars. this man was on his way to service call and he stop to help a woman that appear to be having some sort of car troubles. While he was looking under the hood to see what was wrong with the car, the woman’s accomplice came from behind a building and drew a gun on the young tow truck driver. He ask for his money, wallet, phone. The young man only had his phone on him. Not believeing the tow truck driver didn’t have cash on him, the thieft shot the young tow truck driver. The driver later died at the hospital from complication of a gun shot wound. Im relaying this story to say that as a tow truck driver you must be careful.

When going out on a service call its best to have someone with you. He or she can aid in the actual tow, watch your back, or at the very least keep you company while out in the field. If the young driver had had someone with him would he still be here? There is a reason why there is saying, “safety in numbers”. The buddy system worked well in first grade and it will suit a driver as well.

I am convinced that working in this type of profession any type of self defense class or training is a must. A class will place you into different predictament and teach you how to get out. A self defense class can train a person in disarming a gun, escaping from the clutches of an attacker, how to stay calm and think during a time of immenient danger. During a crisis we have two basic instincts that have been with us since the beginning of civilation. Fight or flight. With traingin you can fight in order for you to be able to flight.

Protection of Self using Weapons

Another way to protect oneself is with the use of a weapon. From the non-lethal taser or stun gun. This is a gun that will emit so many volts of electricity into the receiver effectily stunning the person allowing for a quick get-away. These come in any number of volts, styles, and effectiveness. Another more potentiallyl deadly opton is an actual gun. If you choose either of these options enlist yourselft into some type of tactical training. With traingin you will learn how to properly use the weapon, different places to shoot, and scenarios that may happen. That way, God forbid, if yor ever have to draw out a weapon you can make the best deciosion in how and when to use it. Depending on the state in which you reside any sort of weapon can be carried in the vehicle and on the person. Conceal or openly. Make sure to check with your local and state laws on the different gun laws.


Its best to be safe then sorry. Whatever you can do to protect yourself while out on a call is pertinent to making sure that at the end of the day you will return back hoime to your family and friends. It seems that no matter where you are, you are susceptible to violence. Long gone are the days that only urban cities are armed and dangerous, now it seems that no town, village, community, or city is immune to violence. Had that young man had some type of training in self defense then maybe his mother wouldn’t have had to bury her son.

The woes of over pruning


With Fall coming on, I am getting out my gardening equipment and going out to prune some of my trees. No more conversation with my shoes.

Here is what I learned in Arborist classes I took years ago.

Although pruning and trimming, your trees can promote growth and an increase in foliage density. Over pruning can cause major and sometimes irreversible damage. However, we all feel that we are doing a great service to our trees and the overlook of our property. Not knowing that we maybe stunting and killing the trees. If someone told you to cut off the top third during a transplant and you will not suffer any root loss, that person, he or she, lied to you. One of the many “tips” people give that causes great harm to the tree. According to The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), only twenty to thirty percent of a trees foliage removed in any given year. By going beyond this standard set by TCIA, you will have a weak, unhealthy, and unappealing tree.

As was previously mention over pruning by making deep and large cuts into a tree can lead to the death of a tree. Think of it like this if you take a knife and dug or cut it into your leg or arm, you will need time to heal from that wound. Depending on the severity of cut, you will antibiotics and stitches. The same can be said for any tree. Deep cuts, poorly made cuts, or an abundant of cuts leaves open wounds. These wounds must be heal. In addition, that takes time and effort. If it has left untreated and neglected it will ultimately lead to the decay of that tree.

Another possibility from over pruning is a reduction for food the tree produces for itself. It is the leaves that conducts photosynthesis and therefore produces the all the mineral and nutrients that tree needs to survive. Even if you drown the tree in fertilizer without those leaves, the process of photosynthesis cannot take place. When too much of a tree foliage, repeatedly year after year, it will starve to death.

When a tree is properly prune, its tips will regrow with ease and abundance. Creating a beautiful and dense foliage. When it is over prune, the tree will go into overdrive in trying to regrow inner branches and limbs. Not just the top portion of the tree. Allowing too much sun to make its way through causing an imbalance in the canopy to foliage ratio. Causing the bark to burn which to even more problems.

Trimming and pruning a tree can have excellent results; it can be a great benefit for the tree and the overall landscape. If a tree is properly prune it will increase its foliage, which will result in a heartier and healthier tree. Encouraging growth and stability in resisting disease and hardships. It makes you appreciate those tree service companies that make it look so easy, that anyone can do it. However, the amount of damage that can be cause by over pruning is astonishing. By being, a too overzealous with a pair of shears may be the end of a tree’s life. Something that may have been intended as a good thing can end up worst then if the tree was left alone. Whenever you decide to prune your trees or shrubs consult the help of a professional

My son the lawn care and tree expert


I come from a long line of rose gardeners. Starting with my mama and going back at least six generations. In fact, I have been awarded the best-looking yard and the best rose bushes in the state for the past fifteen years. Yes, I am good at what I do. You know what my secret is. Proper pruning. That is. That is what causes my bushes to outshine the rest. Of course, I water and feed them a proper diet use to bring out the brilliance of its petals, the quality of its bloom. However, if you prune just right your rose’s bushes will look full, beautiful, and healthy. With pruning you can train, you bush into any type of shape and structure. My pruning technique are so great and universal. They method I use to prune can be used on any type of plant, tree, or shrub.


I have taught each of my children my techniques. My only son, Gilbert that looks like younger Harrison Ford, has taken what I taught him and transferred it into a successful lawn and tree care business. Maybe you have heard of him. Armors Lawn and Tree Experts. Where I shine as a rose gardener, he has out done my accomplishments and me. The things he does with his customers’ trees and shrubs makes my roses pale in comparison.

I have seen Gilbert take a half-dead Japanese maple and bring it back to life. He has a way with pruning shears that always him to create any type of structures and design. The boy made a privacy wall out of some type of trees. It was amazing. To think of doing something like that with trees no less.

However, Gilbert has exceeded my teachings. He has learn how to tree climb. He climbs up these large trees and prunes and trims the mess out of it. Aiding the tree in creating a fuller foliage. As well as, a more uniform, look with other trees in the yard. You always can tell the trees that are care for by Gilbert and his employees. It like they look a little greener and more robust.

My son does not just work on a trees appearance he is also able to save a split tree by installing a cabling and bracing systems. Providing support for a tree that has, what appears to be, two trunk growing out of it from splitting. He can also protect any tree that lightening seems to be attracted to, from being damaged. By installing a lighting striking systems, when a bolt of lightning it is the tree it is equipped with a copper conductive wire that absorbs the strike and sends it away from the tree. Not just the tree, the copper wire with send it away from any type of structure or pets and animals that may be pen up in the yard. He can even cure any type of tree from different diseases and infections. The boy is great at what he does.

As a mother, I cannot help but feel overjoyed about his accomplishments with his lawn and tree care business. My son goes to work every day loving what he does paying no accidents ever happen. He is great and feels great doing what he does. As a mother, you cannot ask for anything more for your baby.

My friend Franky’s Story


It was August, 2003,  Two Wheeled Tuesday to be exact. Every Tuesday evening  I rode with the ACME Motorcycle club, ( All Canadian Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club).

On this particular night, rain had threatened to spoil the evening ride, so only three members had shown up. We were rewarded for our efforts though, because at the last moment,  the sun relented and turned on its charm. Rays of light streamed through the evening clouds like a giant marquee, announcing the magnificience of the Universe. We headed out to enjoy the warm night air. It was determined that I would ride lead, so I headed my entourage north west to show off my end of town, and take the boys’ through some lovely countryside we didn’t usually take advantage of.  We rode at a leisurely pace, relaxing and enjoying the sights and scents from the sunbaked earth.  I could smell fresh cut hay and clover, lavender and manure mixed together. To me, the evenings perfume was intoxicating and brought back pleasant  memories of my childhood on our farm. What a perfect night.

The three of us had installed LED’s on our bikes and I couldn’t wait to show off my latest extravagence. I had added tiny purple led lights to enhance the outline of my bike, but the piece de resistance was between the rear tire and my exhaust pipe. Here I had installed a mix of orange, red and purple lights to simulate a flame roaring out the back of my bike. It was so beautiful. It wasn’t dark enough yet to get the full effect of the lights, but I did flip them on for a second to show the guys. My companions also had lights on their bikes. The Nomad was decked out in green and the Harley sported red.

I was just getting ready to wind down our ride and head back to a local coffee shop, when fate stepped in and had other ideas.

We were riding westbound and just under the speed limit of  80 km when the accident occurred. There was no indication of an intersection, and the road we were on was well travelled, a fairly straight highway, albeit a country road. There were no stop signs nor overhead lights as far as my eye could see. We had no intersection and I didn’t anticipate one.When you ride lead, you are always on the lookout for danger. I am especially conscious of stop signs and intersections because it is my job to lead my group safely across the road and keep us together and in sight of one another.Thank God my two companions were riding a safe distance behind me and were left undisturbed.

It seemed to come out of nowhere, this blur of red that didn’t belong, an angry volatile force that came on with a vengeance.

Later reports said that this fellow didn’t see me, an excuse I find hard to believe. His car was heading northbound and he had a definite intersection and a stop sign. His wife had been holding their baby in her arms, while seated in the front, with no apparent car seat in the back seat where infants belong. We have laws about that here. No children are allowed to be in a car, without being strapped in. I have always wondered if they were paying attention to the baby instead of the road. What sight didn’t take care of, I figured sound should have. When you put my Yamaha 650 Vstar alongside the 1100 Kawasaki Nomad and the 1100 Harley Davidson Electraglide with its distinctive Harley beat bellowing out, our collective sound would be hard to miss. This fellow also  lived on that road, so it’s true what they say about accidents happening within 5 miles of your home.Perhaps he felt too familiar with his surroundings. I will never know, but I do know this, it wasn’t the first time an accident had occurred in this very spot.

Intentional or not, I was the target and he made good on his mark. I was hit broadside, and for a few seconds nothing registered. There was no sound, no sight, it was if I was in a vacuum of nothingness, then BANG, a dull THUD, I had landed and I was back in my reality. My presence disturbed the gravel and caused the dust to float up from the side of the road. I don’t remember my flight through the air, but I do remember the landing. My body was thrown like a rag doll, seemingly weightless. I was brutally traumatized by the impact and my body started to rebel almost instantly against the intrusion, throwing wave after wave of pain through me.. I had a similar incident before when I crashed into a stump during my senior year, so this is why last week I needed tree removal I was sure to ask for stump removal as well, as I am quite traumatized about leaving stump behind anyway…

I had to take inventory. I registered that I had landed and was still alive; that was a good thing! The first thing I asked about was my bike of course, and then all that mattered was the pain jumping up and down in my legs like mexican jumping beans. My mouth was very dry and I was beginning to sweat. I was going into shock. All I wanted to do was straighten my legs, but I struggled out of my jacket instead and took my rings off in case my hands started to swell. I had dislocated my thumb, but that was minor compared to the rest of me. I thought if I could only straighten my legs they would feel ok. Little did I know just how lucky I was to be ok! On to the next

Linda’s new blog… & Back to School…


I can’t believe on the first day back to school we have an assignment. I mean it’s the FIRST day. But my older brother told me that Mr. Rahim was hard. And love to give out homework and assignment. Even with that warning I never thought he would start in on us on the very first day. Ugh! I guess this is what they kept trying to warn us about in middle school. Here I am writing while all my friends and everyone else is at Mike’s Pizza catching up and enjoying his delicious milkshakes and ooey gooey cheesy pizza. Story of my life…

First day back to U of M… and I’m pretty pumped!

What’s the topic, oh yeah what did we do over the summer. What lesson did we learn from it? Even the topic is boring. What did I do over summer break? Not much. I spent my summer working. Yup, working. My parents are big believers in teaching us how to earn our own money. So every summer my brothers and I are expected work and save our money. It sounds worse than what it is. Over the years I have been a baby sitter, car washer, I’ve sold paper airplanes door to door, cupcakes, lemonade stand. I’ve been a dog walker, sidewalk chalker (basically I went to the neighbors and ask if they would like me to decorate their sidewalks and driveways. I was six at the time so don’t judge me.)

My brothers have always work the same job every year. My younger one has a paper route and my older brother works at a movie rental place in town. But every year I like to try something different. I can’t help it I always get bored like super easy. One day I was riding my bike to the library to return some books and I passed by a sign. It read: Zaid’s Tree Trimming and Landscaping, LLC needs a person to haul limbs after tree cutting and operate something called a chipper.

I love being outside. I’m kind of strong. I mean how heavy can limbs be anyway? I took a picture of the flyer with my cell phone. I return my books, checked out a few more and return home. I was laying down in the back yard in our hammock enjoying the riveting novel when my dad asked if I figured out my job for the summer. I told him I was waiting on a few calls. The quickly gave Zaid Tree Trimming a call.

After a few rings Zaid himself answered. He said that he still needed someone. Ask my age and when can I come in for a trial run. In my excitement I told him I can state ASAP. He said to wear jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a hard hat and to bring some work gloves. I met him at his office at 5 in the morning the very next day.

The next morning I got up, got dressed and rode my bike to Zaid’s office. He looked me up and down and said, “It’s going to be hard work, do you think you can handle it, young lady?” Confidently I responded, “Yes, sir!” After I learned and mastered the wood chippers one of the guys taught me how to prune and cut back trees and shrubs giving them a uniform look and promoted full, lush, and healthy plants.

Man, that was the hardest and the most physically demanding job of my life. But I loved every second I was out there. Next summer, when I return Zaid said he’ll teach me the double rope technique.

Hopefully I still have time to blog